Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving break is a trick!!

As I sit here in the library,
missing class to do work for my next class
and wishing I could pass out on my bed,
I get sad thinking about last 3 weeks of the semester :(

Not just because my senior year will be half way over
but because sleepless nights of work await me,
and take up all my time so I can't enjoy time with others!

Everyone's all excited during the time leading up to Thanksgiving break,
for those few days to eat, sleep, and rest...
but when you come back...


time to turn in final projects & papers and prepare for finals!
Those few days of relaxation
(which aren't really so relaxing since you are running around everywhere w/ family & friends)
give you a tantalizing taste of freedom
only to take it away again :(

I sound like a crazy, paranoid person :/


  1. you are..... a crazy paranoid person HAHA.
    come on, posters are fun...... ;)

  2. you say it like it is girlfraaaan!!! good luck for the next week chakhae :)