Wednesday, September 29, 2010

an all too familiar vicious cycle

I forget where I found this, but as I sit here procrastinating and putting off starting a project that is due tomorrow, I decided it was an appropriate time to post this cartoon haha :)

Every New Semester:

After First Week:

After Second Week:

Before the Mid-Term Test:

During the Mid-Term Test:

After the Mid-Term Test:
Before the Final Exams:
Once Get to Know the Final Exam Schedule:
7 Days Before the Final Exam:
6 Days Before the Final Exam:

5 Days Before the Final Exam: image
4 Days Before the Final Exam: image
3 Days Before the Final Exam: image
2 Days Before the Final Exam: image
1 Day Before the Final Exam: image
The Night Before the Final Exam: image
1 Hour Before the Final Exam: image
During the Final Exam: image
Once Walk Out From the Examination Hall: image
After the Final Exam, During the Holiday: image

Many things on my mind, but haven't gotten around to sitting and blogging it out haha, but will soon! Anywho, my goal for this semester is to finish a paper before the day its due. Then, I will celebrate. Wahooooo. Okay, I should really get to work now...

but probably won't =/

Monday, September 13, 2010

hello senior year

ah...i thought I had a game plan coming into this year. I was supposed to be on top of all my work, study hard for GREs, prepare for all my future stuff, and be an anti-social hermit. Unfortunately, I'm behind on my work, haven't taken a single GRE practice test, and am not meeting my goals!

post-college life is looming :(

i don't know if i'm cut out for this stuff.


must. get. this. done.

Monday, September 6, 2010

i like bulldogs

I know most people don't really like bulldogs, but they're so cute! At lease the little ones haha. I decided to start blogging again and this is my first entry in almost 2 months. I will be posting exciting updates about my life as a hermit senior who is tryna stay on top of all her stuff. This entry is probably as exciting as its gonna get haha. Enjoy!

I think this last one is adorable, but some people disagree *ahem. I think this little guy expresses my feelings on getting through senior year and having to leave college :/