Monday, February 21, 2011

Long Time No Update

It's been too long...sorry for neglecting you blog. And sorry this is gonna be a short entry.

I feel drained. There's too much going on... Give me strength Lord.

hear my prayer, give Your ear
in Your faithfulness answer me
in Your righteousness do not judge
for no one is righteous

teach me to do Your will Lord
for you are my God
Your Spirit is good good good
lead me on level ground Lord
for You are my God
Your Spirit is good
it is good

revive me, revive me
not for me but for Your name
in Your mercy deliver me from my enemies
revive me

i rememebr days of old
Your works i meditate oh Lord
i consider all the works of Your hands
i lift up my hands to you
my soul longs
Psalm 143 (Revive Me) - Shane & Shane