Friday, December 18, 2009

going canaday...

It is 2:30.
I have 10 hours to do this 8-12 page paper.
I must outline.
There are many cracked out people in the library.
Ginger Jesus ran by me before and his hair was flowing in the wind.
I am cracked out.
K8 Lee printed out a picture of Wang Lee Hom and put it in the display thingie.
I saw her rubbing the picture against her cheek.
Erain gave us Japanese snacks!
Someone left the door open earlier and the alarm went off.
A girl started dancing to it.
It's the last night of finals week.
I very confused when I saw Jenny Kim earlier.
Obesity is socially constructed!
My paper is on obesity.

I go write now.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"I once held a live hummingbird in my hand. I once married a Bryn Mawr girl. To a large extent they are twin experiences." E.B. White

The last week of classes is upon us. I feel pretty lax right now but I know I'll be scrambling to try to finish all my papers next week and cracked out from no sleep. Only nine more days left in the semester before we all peace out.

Here's a list of things that shaped my experience at Bryn Mawr and really made me appreciate my time here:
  • my friends, who actually want to discuss issues of race, gender, class, etc. with me :)
  • 3 hour brunches (and dinners) at Haffner
  • professors who really want to get to know you and teach you to think critically
  • sunsets or sunrises that make you appreciate the beauty of the campus
  • Hell Week... flower day :)
  • May Day, lantern night, Halloween, garden parties and all the other traditions
  • ASA culture show 08 - CelebrASIAN of Asian American Women: "I Will NOT Love you Long Time"
  • ASA board 2009
  • the trust and responsibility given to the students
  • the student run activities that show how motivated and passionate my peers are
  • when i overhear conversations, students are debating theories, discussing what they learned in class, talking about current events, etc.
  • the accomplishments of my peers (working in the poorest slums in India, going to Africa to make a documentary on AIDS, etc...aka "saving the world")
  • hearing the perspectives of women from all over the country and world
  • special meals that spruce up your week (candlelight holiday dinner, outdoor picnics w/ live entertainment, etc.)
  • when we were in a car accident, a Bryn Mawr girl who happened to be passing by with her boyfriend recognized us from campus and gave us a ride even though we didn't really know each other
  • random dance parties
  • H-Mart & crazy nights at Rodeo during freshman year
  • Sushiland and Jae ahjushi
  • Rhoads 164 & ramyun parties
  • paninis, waffle fries, and blended green tea from uncommon grounds
  • Ha Long Bae...despite the bad service
  • parties at Guild till the wEE hours of the morning
  • spending over 24 hours in Rhoads during the snowstorm last year
  • YouTube sessions
  • learning how to make milk tea
  • free laundry!
  • the sense of community

These are just some my own personal experiences, I know I can't speak for everyone. I'm also not trying to say Bryn Mawr is the best school and that everyone should go here. I'm ready to go abroad next semester and will be ready to leave after senior year, but I realize more and more how I'm glad I came here. I'm gonna really miss the seniors and I wish I had more time to get to know people. I am going to really take advantage of everything Bryn Mawr offers before I leave. As my dad always says "Time goes so fast."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Healthy Suspicion

Sometimes, I feel like my mind is buzzing with thoughts. This semester, I finally got me a moleskin notebook, "the legendary notebook" of Hemingway, to furiously scribble down ideas when I'm having one of those moments. I always thought advertising moleskins as legendary was funny. The company tries to lure you in with this idealized vision of writers and artists in the olden days, but in reality its just an overpriced notebook...however, I must admit that I really like the soft cover :)

We often accept what we know to be facts and don't consider their origins, implications, or consequences.
My one sociology professor was telling our class how he hopes we will develop a "healthy suspicion" towards the world around us. I think I have been plenty suspicious for a while haha, but I'm not cynical, I'm just bein realisitc :) Anyway, here's a list of some of the random things I've been thinking about that we take for granted:
  • Referring to the United States as America - There is no single America, only the continents of North and South America; however, we often assume the U.S. = America.
  • Asian - Who is exactly does this refer to? People usually think of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean people, but Indians, Filipinos, _, and many more groups fall under the Asian label. So what exactly do you mean when you say something is so Asian?
  • APIA History Month - Woohoo! Let's celebrate our Asian heritage...for one month only. What if I want to embrace it all year long?
  • Describing objects as nude, flesh tone, or skin colored - I often see clothes, shoes, nail polish, etc. described in these terms. Um, everyone's skin is not the same color, just look at one of those diversity posters with hands that are all different shades. So what skin tone are those "flesh colored" bandages referring to?
My goal for the rest of this semester is to not have any more life threatening events. Then, I shall hop off to London in January wahoo!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I need to rest....

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
Psalms 73:26

Sunday, November 15, 2009

When I Got My Appendix Removed

Here is an account of my appendicitis experience. I've included some technical pictures* to better explain what happened.

7:00 PM - My stomach feels funny but I figure I just ate too much.

10:00 PM - I take ibuprofen but it still hurts :(

2:30 AM - I change into my jamas and figure I can sleep it off.

3:00 AM - My stomach hurts like WOAH, cramps except much much worse =***(

6:00 AM - I go out and get peptobismo from the gas station.

6:15 AM - I take the
pepto bismol. It does not help. I call the health center but am told no one will be there till 8, 8:30. 7:00 AM - I throw up the pepto bismol and continue to suffer.
8:30 AM - The nurse finally calls and I go to the health center.
9:00 AM - Public Safety takes me to the ER. I try to suppress my pain in the emergency room while I'm surrounded by people w/ the flu in face masks.
10:30 AM - I'm put into a hospital room and finally get pain killers**.
1:00 PM - I get an ultrasound hehe.

5:00 PM - I get a cat scan, which I had to drink disgusting chemical stuff for before.
6:00 PM - I am told I have appendicitis! =O Here is a picture of what was going on inside of me:

8:00 PM - I go into surgery to remove the big bad appendicitis.
9:00 PM - I wake up
in my hospital bed not remembering anything but feeling good cuz there are massager thingies on my legs :)

So this is what I look like now (I'm the one on the far left):

*Diagrams courtesy of my "two daughters"

**They gave me morphine, which I was surprised by cuz I always associate with soldiers and war movies.

Monday, November 9, 2009

blog 1


This is the first entry to my first blog.

Here are a few fun facts about me:
  • I no longer have an appendix, which is why I'm at home starting this blog
  • I am a Christian
  • I was recently described as "down to earth but weird" (they made sure to emphasize the weird part)
  • I like miniature or giant versions of things
  • I like to bake :)
  • I love babies!
  • I'm beginning to think driving is more and more dangerous o.0
  • I am going to study abroad in London next semester!
  • I am a sociology major
  • I am a list oriented person...hence the name of this blog and this list you are currently reading
  • I am Korean...and here is a picture of a burger with a South Korean flag in it