Monday, July 12, 2010

these are a few of my favorite la la~


I have one week to translate a 25 page article of academic writing from Korean to English.


Life is hard.

I must also do many annotated bibs. Its the last week of my internship and my second to last week in Busan. This article has become a large dark cloud following me around. It took me a day to get through 3 pages...I am doomed.

One of the professor's daughters and a 3-week-old baby from her church.

Here's a list of stuff that makes me smile that I made a while back but never got around to posting. I shall try to be positive and focus on the things on the list to ease the suffering of translating this darn article (hm...sounds passive-aggressive haha):
  • good weather
  • sleeping in
  • mini things!
  • watching a good movie
  • reading a good book
  • blueberries
  • oatmeal
  • dark chocolate
  • surprises
  • thoughtful gestures
  • making someone happy
  • sunsets
  • sunrises
  • late night talks
  • finally getting to sleep after being sleep deprived
  • baking (and now cooking)
  • getting a good deal on something
  • free things hehe
  • extensions
  • getting caught in the rain & not minding it
  • good hair days
  • patbingsoo (i like ice)
  • accomplishing something
  • spontaneity
  • brunch
  • wandering around cities
  • lists
  • a good laugh :)
  • and.....babies!!

I feel like a chameleon moving from place to place, but I'm ready to settle down for senior year. I will miss Busan and the people though :( Btw I shall no longer be posting my blog updates as my facebook status so visit or subscribe for updates! I shall try to blog more regularly...we shall see what happens haha. It's a mystery! So my five (give or take) loyal readers, be alert! ;)