Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ciao! I feel refreshed after a wonderful 12 days at home, family, friends, and food! Too much eating out -_- It was good to catch up with people though. I feel like the people themselves didn't change, but circumstances did, if that makes sense. We're all getting older! Everyone's starting to finish college, start working, crazy! :O It was nice hanging out, strolling around Philly, graduations, busy busy!

For now, I'm back in London, jet lagged and putting off studying for my last final tomorrow (I guess not everything has changed haha). But once I'm done, I'm freeee! Then I shall fly off to Taiwan on Friday to join Cynthia and her mosquito friends and try to stay cool in the hot hot heat while eating yummy cheap food :P Then off to Busan to research with a professor and live with his family! Wahoo!!

Now...here are some very late Italy pictures haha. They're from the second half of April, just a little late...I shall try to keep this blog better updated in the summer. I wonder if I will keep blogging when my travels stop...we'll see!

Florence (Firenze):

Owls! As I was walking through the market, Vendor: You need something? Bag? Jacket? Boyfriend? Italian lover? Another vendor reading my shirt that said "work hard love hard": "work hard f*** hard?"Ah yes...harassment all over the world. Isn't it sad that its kinda expected now just walking down a street?

Near one of the famous bridges in Florence. Mozzarella and tomato sandwich!

This picture cracks me up haha the way our heads stick out :) Random neighborhood in Florence

Eunice the photographer. One of our dishes at a nice restaurant we ate at. I like how they don't rush you out after you eat, Italians are so chill!

The Korean hostel I stayed at. The ahjooma woke us up at 7 am and made sure we all ate breakfast -_- It was a lot cleaner than regular hostels, and I met interesting people including an unni from Busan who was gonna go to London soon, so we exchanged tips :) The Duomo (i always pronounced the name wrong -_-)...the spot everyone meets in Florence.

Chianti (region in Tuscany):

Little did we know what awaited us that day...

We went on a 2.5 hour hike all over these hills. The scenery was nice but the group was strugglin haha. Oh we were with a bunch of ppl btw, but we kept lagging behind and taking pictures hehe

It rained the day before and our shoes got crazy muddy! You can't really see from the pictures, but those shoes were spotted brown like a cow after haha

The Italian villa (from the 1600s) we ate at for lunch! It was really nice, except it was mad cold and there was a big crazy dog that attacked a smaller one, as in literally attacked, it was biting its neck and outta control! :(

Tuscan bread has no salt (read mad bland) but the meat (salami, prosciutto, etc.) is saltier to balance it. Pesto pasta.

Rome (Roma):

I was tired and wanted an espresso, but was also craving gelato. Then I found this!! It's like a gourmet gelati, layered whip cream and frozen espresso (as in strong espresso, not just flavored). Perfect! And the second picture is a random lil band playing music at a piazza hehe

Cannolis! Mini ones! Eunice cooked us a yummy pasta dinner at her apartment :P

I walked around in circles looking for this bakery to buy get this famous pistachio cookie I read about in some guide books, only to realize I had passed it multiple times an hour ago -_- O well...the cookie was good haha but mad expensive! The second picture is the top of the pantheon, which has a big ol' hole. You can't really tell how huge it is, but I guess you can see the sunlight at least haha.

The Colosseum is smack dab in the middle of a street haha so random! Espressos...tiny but dangerous.

Being classy at a cute restaurant in Trastevere (those are breaded olives she's holding btw). Trastevere neighborhoods at night.

I didn't do much in Italy in terms of siteseeing, just walked around and people watched mostly haha. But I enjoyed my time, it was relaxing. I know most people think I wasted my time by not going to all the historic/famous spots and they want to go see it, but if you're going for the sake of going or to have said you've gone, is it really worth it?

Okie dokies must get some much needed sleep and get this sucker (final) over with. Then pack and ahhh blur blur. Life is a blur. Okie dokes...Ciao for now!