Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Please Recieve Many Blessings this [Lunar] New Year

Happy belated Lunar New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요 :) We had a lil get together to ring in the lunar new year. Good stuff. I made dumplings with my friend. Yes, made as in made from scratch!! I will do a post on mandu soon, i've been making mad mandu these past few weeks...

I hope everyone's been enjoying the snow! And staying safe and warm :) I'm not gonna lie, i'm happy I missed the snow haha but it is cold and rainy here :( said there was a 20% chance of rain the other day, and I come back to my flat soaked from head to toe. Today, there was a 60% chance of rain/snow. It was sunny & spring-like, I've never seen this many people outside enjoying the weather. Anyway, its my reading week so I had no class this week! Hopefully, tomorrow and Friday, I will be exploring Bristol and Bath.

Lunar New Years :)
Flat-cooked food :)

A very happy hostess with flowers from her namj in the states.
Amy making her family's spring roll recipe for the first time.
The pork dumplings we made! They taste better than they look :)

"I used to step in high school..." Show us! Show us!
Who will be the selfish person* that takes the last piece?

*I was that selfish person haha but i took one for the team! It was just sitting there while we all kept saying we didn't want it.
Very yummy candy from Taiwan :)

I finally got to fulfill my dim sum craving today. Its ironic, I basically came to London to cook Korean food and go to chinatown a lot haha. I have yet to eat fish and chips, but will very soon! I don't think I can go very long w/o eating Asian food though, I get tired of Western food...

Dim Sum at Leong's Legend
Taiwan mini kebab with pork.
Wontons in spicy sauce.

Pork xiao long bao.

Because xiao long bao has broth inside, you're supposed to pierce it with your chopstick and drain it first. I learned the correct method to eat it...after I put one in my mouth whole and burned myself with the hot soup :(
I love char sio bau (roast pork bun).

What's inside?

Sticky rice w/ chicken!

p.s. - Happy hell week to my Bryn Mawr ladies! I'm really sad I'm missing it, but I hope the freshman are having fun, especially my grand hellees!


  1. Ah didn't know you had a blog 재클린. Greetings from your best looking cousin ㅋㅋㅋ

    btw they have good xiao long bao in Philly at dimsum garden. You should try it out when you're back.

    Hope you're doing good dear cousin.

  2. OMGOOSH xiao long bao! my favorite. dumplings! broccoli! i love this entry chak hae. out of all the study abroad experiences i thought you would have...i didn't expect it to be cooking LOL

  3. which is a wonderful thinG!!!

  4. I always read your blogs in between meals (at the library), and you have no idea what your blog does to my stomach!
    GRUMBLE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE in the quiet library.
    haha Wish you were here for hell week! :/

  5. Happy Belated Chinese New Years! Valentines Day! and Flower Day! The sticky rice with chicken looks delicious! :D