Friday, February 5, 2010

Trying to Make My Blog More Posh

Hi hi. I'm tryna make things look more professional :) I finally figured out how to get rid of those borders around images! Next...I will make the spaces in between the pictures disappear! And center the posts! o.0 Anywho, these are pictures from last weekend when I went to Camden Market. I preferred Portobello Market, Camden was a lil too touristy for me. It was realllly cold that day though, so that might have affected my enjoyment level haha.

I also went to New Malden, which is the Korean (ish) area outside of London. I paid
about £10 for transportation (tube & train) and £16 for dinner. In dollars, thats about $44 -_- Life is hard when the exchange rate is not in your favor. I didn't know it would cost that much! I haven't been much of a big spender over here other than that dinner and my 5 ring. I'm living a thrifty student life! I've been cooking a lot of Korean food on my own so I shall do a food post soon.

I wandered around central London for 4.5 hours with my friend the other day looking for a cafe. London only has pubs! And Starbucks. We settled for overpriced bubble tea but were happy to be in Chinatown :) I have been making good use of the guidebook my BM (and Nova) girls got me. I will do more touristy stuff soon! And explore! And eat fish and chips! But for now...I sleep. I miss you home family and friends! Byebye :)


  1. ahh..this place looks fun too..that gogi next to the fur coats? looks YUMMY! and so does the korean food..what have you been cooking at your place? hows that going? :D

  2. haha... wow... captions would be nice too!!! :)

  3. is that a... CHURRO?! mm fried dough and brown sugar... it appears that the people there know how to eat. the ghoulish accessory looks interesting. dang 26 pounds = $44 US dollars...