Thursday, February 11, 2010

Being a Good Tourist

Today was a good day :) Classes were good, the sun was out and I took a stroll around central London. I ended the day with biscuits (aka cookies) and tea w/ good company and conversation. Or at least, I thought I had ended the day. I come back to a full and lively kitchen that distracts me from my reading. Cooking and potlucks/dinner parties have definitely been a big and very enjoyable part of my experience here. My flatmate (whose half Maltese & half Belgium but is from France) made lamb dumplings and french chocolate cake from scratch. The cake was for our friend whose white but is from Hong Kong and also lived in the US, Canada, Korea, and probably other places i don't remember. One of her three boyfriends was also there, and he's part Egyptian, American, and French (?) and speaks English, French, Italian, and Greek. The people from my school speak mad languages, have lived all over the place, and have done so many things! More than the city itself, its the people I've been meeting that have really been making this an eye opening experience...

Anyway, I did some sight seeing last weekend, so here are pictures! Sorry that some of them are really dark, the weather is very finicky, one moment its sunny and nice, the next, typical gloomy London.

We started off at Trafalgar Square:

Off to the Houses of Parliament & Big Ben:

We passed some horse guards on the way. I was scared when the horse looked at me. It seemed a lot closer from my perspective :(
Following the hoards of tourists to Big Ben.
There it is. We spent all of...30 seconds looking at it and then moved on haha.
The eye of London. Maybe one day I shall ride it.

To Buckingham Palace we go!

An explorer. The path to the palace.

It's closed! Let us in! All we could do is look at the palace through the gate. Not too exciting...
After hitting up the tourist attractions, we ended the day with some hot overpriced milk tea and hot pork buns in Chinatown. Amy and I felt it was a good day of doing touristy stuff :)

I hope everyone's enjoying their snow days! We had flurries for about 10 minutes but thats it haha. It is very cold though :( Stay safe and warm!


  1. HAHA JACKIE YOU LOOK SO OVERJOYED TO BE STANDING NEXT TO THAT HORSE. maybe he/she was going to spit on you, mm?

    also...your flatmate's friend has 3 boyfriends? is that a common thing? are relationships are socially constructed so that 3 boyfriends can = 1?

    ride the london eye! !

  2. CHAKHAEEEE i miss you! haha, you are so cutie standing next to that horse (you take nice pics). you look like you're having so much fun :) and i agree with peanut, ride that london eye, ride it!

    p.s. where is a maltese person from? when i read that, i thought of the dog breed =_="

  3. oi...
    your pictures of some of the sites look just like... the pictures i see in magazines!! i am assured that i don't really have to go there, now. they really do look just like the pictures!

    i enjoyed the guy acting as a statue with is pee bucket in front of him... and the fountain of the vomiting child. gotta love the english!! hehe

  4. Ahaa I had a funny reaction to “one of her three boyfriends” too. Plz do explain
    I like your pics Jackie! Thanks for keeping us posted on your lovely London life

  5. hahah my flatmate doesn't have 3 boyfriends, one of her friends does. I don't think its a common thing, but apparently the three guys are fine with it. I will ride the London Eye, its just expensive :/ And Cyn, that's what I thought too hahah, but i learned the Maltese people are from Malta, a small island near Italy.

  6. Just a photography tip. Stand closer to the camara off to the side. Gotta see your face!!