Monday, January 25, 2010

This Way to Portobello Market

I finally got a chance to explore London a little and went to the Portobello Market on Saturday :)

  • The masks freaked me out a little
  • We found a stamp stand and they had a book of old stamps from Korea!
  • Tiny elephant :)
  • Tiny elephant's friends :)

  • Antique jewelry
  • Silver chains I wanted but was too po' for :(
  • The ring I picked up for 5 pounds :)

  • They had a lot of random antiques
  • Cutlery (what they call utensils) used to be very fancy shamancy
  • Bread stuffs

  • Got me some banana chips and assorted gummies...picking up the essentials :)
  • This way to lunch!
  • Maybe not the best burrito I've ever had, but still yummy

  • The glamorous life of a fashion blogger!
  • Shini from Park & Cube
  • Answers to your questions/comments: Thank you for complimenting her hat; She got it from South Korea; Yes, those are paws that are attached (All the store owners loved her hat and asked these questions. She even wrote down the website she got it from for a Starbucks worker haha)


  1. oh now I see that ur ring is not blue :) i like i like! oh my brother has a hat and paw thing too! when he had a sore throat he used the connecting paws as a scarf, very versatile! :D

  2. LOL unni, when I saw the picture of the ring, I wasn't concentrating on it. All I was thinking about was... wow... her hands are so tiny! HAHA sorry. anyways! I really liked "tiny elephant's friends :)" Everything looks so much more fun over there. I wish we had markets like that here :/

  3. ooh lala your ring looks HUGE! subin that it was blue haha. let's do oovoo more often when you are not wandering around the streets of londON or studying. and i like shini's shoes :]

    school is bo-ring. i only have classes on mondays and wednesdays...CG is on thursday night...we shall truly miss you...but it is like lists...i like wrists

  4. hi jackie!!! london looks like a pretty good time. i am especially digging the tubas in that one picture. hell week is rolling around soon and that makes me realize that i miss you!! you should post more updates and pics for us in the not-as-exciting-PA suburbs :)

  5. - Nice bling...
    - The miniature elephant reminds me of jumanji!
    - The bread looks delish.
    - Don't believe everything you read in the streets. And always question absolutes; best, worst, etc.

  6. oh wowwww! the market seems so cool!! :)

  7. oh whoa, that ring really isn't blue haha.

    ahhh chakhae! keep up with the nice pics (you are a very good photographer btw teehee), they make me want to jet off to taiwan that much sooner. i hope you're having a good time!

  8. and it's so totally cool that the blogger mentioned you in her blog :D :D :D

  9. ahhh this place looks like a lot of fun..i like elephant & friends..
    they spell doughnuts differently.
    the burrito does look tasty~ :D