Friday, January 15, 2010

London Drivers are Crazy!

Hello everyone! How is sunny America? I realized that I don't think I've seen the sun the whole time I've been here, and the forecast is basically rain for the next 10 days :( The weather hasn't really been affecting me though haha, I think Philly prepared me well for it :) It gets dark so fast! The pictures below were taken before 5, but its already pretty dark by then.

Anyway, London drivers are crazy! I'm used to Philly's grid layout, but even the major roads here change and curve all over the place, so even if you're going straight, you might end up on a different road if you're not paying attention. The street signs are located on the buildings, like the Acton Street sign, but they don't even have them on every corner! And see the striped pole with the yellow sphere on top? The drivers have to stop for pedestrians at those, but I swear, some come within a foot of me before stopping :/ If not for the "look right -->" and "<-- look left" signs (see below), I think i'd get crushed by a car....which almost happened the other day to me and my friend by a big ol' truck. I wish they would use their turn signals -_-

Things I've noticed/learned about London:
  • About 80% of the population smokes -_-
  • It's always pub time.
  • They keep their eggs on the shelf, not the refrigerator
  • The British are very lax. People just won't show up for work if the weather is bad! (2 cm of snow is crazy for them)
  • The alarms (fire alarm, police siren) are unbearably loud!
  • The city really reminds me of New York, everyone's always in a rush to get somewhere.
  • South Asians are called Asians here, and East Asians are called Orientals.

I must go have some tea and biscuits now! Just kidding, but I am eating biscuits and do have tea in my cupboard. I'm finally starting to settle down and am looking forward to cooking for myself! I have other random things to share but I shall save them for later posts. Update me on life in phillydelphia via comments, emails, messages, whatever! Ahnyoung my friends :)


  1. yea..i heard about the not keeping eggs in the fridge and thought that was weird..but i guess it doesnt spoil the eggs? O_O;;
    be careful and dont get hit by trucks! :D

  2. the weather in philly has actually been pretty nice this week. it is 49 degrees and sunny right now! did you remember to take ur rainboots?!

  3. oi. i guess christine is not gonna talk about the fender bender, i just heard about... ick. glad the other car wasn't moving... or rather wasn't even running!
    so... where are you going to church?
    you should give a bit more attention to nayoung... she's crying too much!! :p

  4. o yea... and the heater was broken at church today... :( it was cold.

  5. good thing you don't have to drive there :)

    IT WAS ONCE! & it was an EMOTIONAL WEEK!!

  6. they don't refrigerate their eggs?! ew that's weird and that's weird how they use the term orientals...

    anyways ah! i am back at bryn mawr. it feels lonely without you and cyn. :( i've been in my room all day reading or surfing the web.. haha when my life get's more exciting i'll start a blog and update you with my life ;]