Monday, January 11, 2010

I finally have internet again! I got here Saturday morning (its Monday night now) and was deprived until this afternoon of both the internet and a phone, or mobile as the British call it. Also, I finalllllly got to settle into my room today, well not settle just move in, its a mess right now -_-

Most of the British people I've come in contact with have been very friendly. A girl at Heathrow helped me buy a train ticket that was half the price of the express train I was going to buy. The cab driver man kinda looks scary there but he was nice. His daughter went to Cambridge and sings jazz, and when he visited Florida, he noticed there were a fat people. When I got that Splenda packet, i was very confused about how small it felt, and then it turns out the Splenda comes in a little pill o.O

I had lunch with Pablo today, lamb and chicken doners at Best Kabobs. He's lived all over the US and in London, and is doing a lot of interesting stuff with art history and cultural preservation/restoration in Korea this summer! He also gave me tips on what to do if mugged or attacked. Amy and I enjoyed wonderful
£1 frozen dinners haha. We're trying to figure out how to deal with cooking for ourselves :/

Mansize tissues? What is this nonsense? And on the right is the result of my pitiful first food shopping trip -_- I think I looked a lil crazy carrying a duvet, pillow, this food, and a 9 pack of toilet paper. Oh well!

Jacob and his friend! (I forget her name, I have not been good with names). They are both from Milan and both ate a pizza each with extra cheese on top. Italians know how to eat and enjoy their food! It was really interesting hearing their view of Americans and other Europeans. It's nice to meet people from all over the world, and who are interested in a lot of the same things as I am.

Okay I hope you enjoyed this long, random update. I will probably be taking lots of pictures of food and anything i find interesting, weird, or cute. Hopefully I will learn my way around the city and explore soon.
I don't feel like the city is that different from say New York, but there are a lot of different, interesting folks. I'm excited for whats to come! I start classes tomorrow so must sleep now. Byebye for now :)


  1. ahhh you're in london!! i will be checking this blog out frequently so make sure to post a lot of pretty pictures! good luck on your first few days and seize every moment!

    ps - go to paris. :-P

  2. hey im glad you got safely! hope youre having fun! wow reminds me of when i first got to japan! haha dont forget to email me back ;p

  3. I like the splenda pill, it seems cooler :)
    I would also like to invest in man-size tissues.. one tissue is never enough for me, I'm sure that's not why you took a picture of it though..... hahaha.
    The yogurt is spelled "yoghurt" :)

  4. you took a picture of ur cab driver?!?! HAHAHA!

  5. last night at dinner with sabrina, jenn, cynthia, kate, jenny and marium, we discussed this picture of man size tissues from your blog! marium said "don't they have them in the US???" hahaha!