Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things Looks Better in Black and White

I feel like an insomniac. Maybe its jetlag but I can't fall asleep at night but still have to wake up early, so have been sleep deprived :( I finally rode the tube on Sunday and took a picture to commemorate the experience :)

The SOAS library.

What would you like to study?

These aren't black & white. The more I learn about SOAS, the more I think I chose the right school for me. I think the people who come here and their interests are very different from others. I haven't done much touristy stuff yet, but I did buy overpriced postcards! :)


  1. I love this Jackie! I didn't know you had a blog til I Facebook stalked you. Hehe

    AHhHhh Jackie I think I want to go abroad to London too! But I'm on a definite time crunch and I have so much anxiety about going! But it looks amazzzing so far and I hope you're doing well!! I miss you!

  2. oohh..i like..is this the library that keun msn saw in like...30 mins? haha :D

  3. jiyoung likes this library because it has a lot of books you can't read?!? ;)

    knew the subway was called the tube ever since the WHO sang about it in "who are you?" but now i have seen it.

    the pressing question is... what does a korean in london from america do when suffering from insomnia??