Saturday, February 26, 2011

here's to blogging more regularly

Blog, sorry for neglecting you and only coming to write dramatic entries haha... perhaps I am being influenced by a certain friend from the West Coast w/ a flair for the dramatic ;)

I've been told I laugh a lot, which is true, but its genuine laughter! Well, most of the time haha. My brother has called me a weirdo for laughing and commenting while watching stuff even if no one else is in the room -_- I shall try to share the things that make me laugh/smile more on this blog!

I've also been thinking about making a tumblr.. yikes... not that I don't love blogspot, but I feel like its easier to do short updates and therefore I might update more regularly. Hm.. I'm not really sure why I'm even talking about this right now as no one probably cares haha.

Ah well. Time to go eat dinner! Byebye virtual world :)

1 comment:

  1. JACKIE! post more blog posts!!!!!I got rid of facebook (for now) so I need to find out what you are doing without the assistance of facebook! hahaha