Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Darn You Bryn Mawr Bubble!

I've watched this at least 4 times now...

I am the naive blond girl in the above video -_-

I was talking to an alum about Bryn Mawr recently, and she was saying how it doesn't prepare you for the real world. Right now, I'm all "I love sociology!" and "It's going to be so nice if I become a professor!" But i'm also going to be poor...working like a slave...having no time...or health benefits.

Ugh. I'm sucha optomistic, naive college students! Whose about to leave the Bryn Mawr bubble! Darn bubble...making me all interested in sociology and not preparing me for the real world (where people don't care about other people and being p.c.). And darn liberal arts education.

Hmm...what to do? Keep studying because I enjoy it and be poor, or just try to get a job so I can get moneyz and not be poor and a slave?


  1. did the bryn mawr alum say anything else that was more positive??

  2. hi jackie! was the alum you talked to working towards being a professor as well? i actually think bryn mawr a great school for grad school/PhD prepping, especially in humanities. that being said... after interning and spending time outside of the bubble after graduation, i do agree with you that it does NOT prepare you for many other things outside of academia. people ARE jaded and can be very mean -_-. but i'm adjusting, and having bryn mawr behind my back for some reason makes me feel like i have a good head on my shoulders wherever i go :)

    ok i didn't mean for this to be a pep talk, but i just want to say that everything will be a-ok!

  3. you're right, it probably doesn't prep you.. but I think that's the case for most people at most colleges. Don't let it get you too down : )

    Btw, if you were like 35 years older, you look more like the admissions lady than the blonde haired girl :D

  4. jackie...this is really depressing.