Sunday, November 15, 2009

When I Got My Appendix Removed

Here is an account of my appendicitis experience. I've included some technical pictures* to better explain what happened.

7:00 PM - My stomach feels funny but I figure I just ate too much.

10:00 PM - I take ibuprofen but it still hurts :(

2:30 AM - I change into my jamas and figure I can sleep it off.

3:00 AM - My stomach hurts like WOAH, cramps except much much worse =***(

6:00 AM - I go out and get peptobismo from the gas station.

6:15 AM - I take the
pepto bismol. It does not help. I call the health center but am told no one will be there till 8, 8:30. 7:00 AM - I throw up the pepto bismol and continue to suffer.
8:30 AM - The nurse finally calls and I go to the health center.
9:00 AM - Public Safety takes me to the ER. I try to suppress my pain in the emergency room while I'm surrounded by people w/ the flu in face masks.
10:30 AM - I'm put into a hospital room and finally get pain killers**.
1:00 PM - I get an ultrasound hehe.

5:00 PM - I get a cat scan, which I had to drink disgusting chemical stuff for before.
6:00 PM - I am told I have appendicitis! =O Here is a picture of what was going on inside of me:

8:00 PM - I go into surgery to remove the big bad appendicitis.
9:00 PM - I wake up
in my hospital bed not remembering anything but feeling good cuz there are massager thingies on my legs :)

So this is what I look like now (I'm the one on the far left):

*Diagrams courtesy of my "two daughters"

**They gave me morphine, which I was surprised by cuz I always associate with soldiers and war movies.


  1. HAHA linda and nayoung have nice fat appendices
    yay for being healthy!!
    - kate

  2. I FOUND YOU. muhaha. goodbye jackie's appendix... you suck for giving her a hard time!

  3. linda and nayoung are great artists, you've got talented daughters chakhae! and i'm glad your appendix has been smacked off :)