Friday, December 18, 2009

going canaday...

It is 2:30.
I have 10 hours to do this 8-12 page paper.
I must outline.
There are many cracked out people in the library.
Ginger Jesus ran by me before and his hair was flowing in the wind.
I am cracked out.
K8 Lee printed out a picture of Wang Lee Hom and put it in the display thingie.
I saw her rubbing the picture against her cheek.
Erain gave us Japanese snacks!
Someone left the door open earlier and the alarm went off.
A girl started dancing to it.
It's the last night of finals week.
I very confused when I saw Jenny Kim earlier.
Obesity is socially constructed!
My paper is on obesity.

I go write now.


  1. i enjoy the sweet and spicy chili doritos chips very much chakHAE. okay, i shall return to mah paper. life is a struggle!

  2. creepier sue yee chen. the back of my wang lee hom photo was a picture of HER lover, raymond lam.

    doesn't DONE feel so INCREDIBLY good? i hope you guys are having fun in h-valley :] tell cyncia it's been a-blizzarding up here and maybe she should stay with you a little longer because all of this snow is piling up.

    i would like to hear about your paper and obesity

  3. hahahahha jackie you are so cute. this post is cute. but you spelled my name wrong. its eraine, not eraine...guess what. im stuck in las vegas because my flight was cancelled due to the snow storm...-_-