Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"I once held a live hummingbird in my hand. I once married a Bryn Mawr girl. To a large extent they are twin experiences." E.B. White

The last week of classes is upon us. I feel pretty lax right now but I know I'll be scrambling to try to finish all my papers next week and cracked out from no sleep. Only nine more days left in the semester before we all peace out.

Here's a list of things that shaped my experience at Bryn Mawr and really made me appreciate my time here:
  • my friends, who actually want to discuss issues of race, gender, class, etc. with me :)
  • 3 hour brunches (and dinners) at Haffner
  • professors who really want to get to know you and teach you to think critically
  • sunsets or sunrises that make you appreciate the beauty of the campus
  • Hell Week... flower day :)
  • May Day, lantern night, Halloween, garden parties and all the other traditions
  • ASA culture show 08 - CelebrASIAN of Asian American Women: "I Will NOT Love you Long Time"
  • ASA board 2009
  • the trust and responsibility given to the students
  • the student run activities that show how motivated and passionate my peers are
  • when i overhear conversations, students are debating theories, discussing what they learned in class, talking about current events, etc.
  • the accomplishments of my peers (working in the poorest slums in India, going to Africa to make a documentary on AIDS, etc...aka "saving the world")
  • hearing the perspectives of women from all over the country and world
  • special meals that spruce up your week (candlelight holiday dinner, outdoor picnics w/ live entertainment, etc.)
  • when we were in a car accident, a Bryn Mawr girl who happened to be passing by with her boyfriend recognized us from campus and gave us a ride even though we didn't really know each other
  • random dance parties
  • H-Mart & crazy nights at Rodeo during freshman year
  • Sushiland and Jae ahjushi
  • Rhoads 164 & ramyun parties
  • paninis, waffle fries, and blended green tea from uncommon grounds
  • Ha Long Bae...despite the bad service
  • parties at Guild till the wEE hours of the morning
  • spending over 24 hours in Rhoads during the snowstorm last year
  • YouTube sessions
  • learning how to make milk tea
  • free laundry!
  • the sense of community

These are just some my own personal experiences, I know I can't speak for everyone. I'm also not trying to say Bryn Mawr is the best school and that everyone should go here. I'm ready to go abroad next semester and will be ready to leave after senior year, but I realize more and more how I'm glad I came here. I'm gonna really miss the seniors and I wish I had more time to get to know people. I am going to really take advantage of everything Bryn Mawr offers before I leave. As my dad always says "Time goes so fast."


  1. :)
    it's not the end, it's only the beginning.....!!
    i don't really know exactly what i mean when i say that, but i will miss you jackie kim...

  2. omgah chakhae! the memories, i read your list out loud to subeen and peanut and we were all laughing and "awwing" the whole time through. i'm so glad i got to share a bunch of those memories on the list with you...i'm going to miss you too! why you gotta hop off so quickly? :(

  3. dude... i wonder if silvena knows how many photos she is in, here. aka HOW MUCH she has affected your time at bryn mawr. haha <3