Monday, September 6, 2010

i like bulldogs

I know most people don't really like bulldogs, but they're so cute! At lease the little ones haha. I decided to start blogging again and this is my first entry in almost 2 months. I will be posting exciting updates about my life as a hermit senior who is tryna stay on top of all her stuff. This entry is probably as exciting as its gonna get haha. Enjoy!

I think this last one is adorable, but some people disagree *ahem. I think this little guy expresses my feelings on getting through senior year and having to leave college :/


  1. hahaha i think you like dogs with wrinkles :) i like the first dog the best!
    YAY for updates!!!!!!!

  2. yo the last dog is a pug, not a bulldog. look up sharpei, they super wrinkly!

  3. i think my wife was telling me about how genetically WRONG they are... maybe it's the show version of them... but something about, the breeding process to get them to look like this... it would make an animal rights activist go nuts.

    i don't know... then again... i am not an animal lover... so what do i care?!?! hehe

  4. i did not know that you liked bulldogs! what would fiji say?!