Wednesday, April 28, 2010

catch me if you can...

My year thus far and beyond:

01/01 - 01/08: Home
01/09 - 04/05: London
04/06 - 04/10: Paris
04/11 - 04/14: London
04/15 - 04/18: Florence
04/18 - 04/22: Rome
04/22 - 05/18: London
05/18 - 05/25: Home :)
05/25 - 05/31: London
06/01 - 06/04: Taiwan to see Cynthiar!
06/05 - 07/??: Busan ^^
? - 08/09(ish): Seoul
08/16 - 08/20: KPCHV retreat
08/30: And senior year begins...

Man this year has been and will continue to be a whirlwind. I'm tired thinking about it already haha. Working is hard. And so is playing.

Btw does anyone else have the problem of "aeroplane" ears? I definitely get it when the plane is landing. I am not looking forward to all this flying :(


  1. As an avid follower, I am here to make my comment.
    When you put it in a list form like that.. you look like one of those crazy travelers! Maybe you are nowww.
    I like the part whereee...... you come home for a week! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i think i used to suffer from this "aeroplane ears" when i was a lad. i came up with my own theory and believed it to be a lack of moisture in the ears. So what I did to resolve the issue was to wet my index fingers and shove them in my ears during the descent. sounds extremely silly, BUT i kid you not, it worked like a charm, but it may vary from person to person. hopefully you will have concocted a remedy by the time you come back home.

  3. omg, i suffered from the worst aeroplane ears ever when i was flying back from hong lasted for a week! you should definitely chew gum, swallow and try to yawn every time you feel like your ears are about to pop! :D

    see you in a few weeks CHAKHAE !!!!

  4. i'm not gonna read what aeroplane ears are cus i feel like my body will just start making whatever that is happen! it's psychological... other than that, so exciting!! i can't wait to go home :)

  5. i want to visit you in seoul!

    tricky wackster. you besta put up "bryn mawr" in that crazy list because you tricked us all! :O