Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life in My London Flat work has finally caught up to me :( Because I only have 2 essays for two of my classes and 1 essay & 1 exam for the other two, I've been taking it easy peezy for the past two months. Now, all the deadlines are coming up and I'm trying to remember how to write an essay :(

Chinese New Year Celebration in Trafalgar Square

My month long (hehe) Easter break started this week, and I shall be traveling to Paris and Italy! I really wanted to go to Prague, but
unfortunately it didn't work out. I'm actually only going to Paris and Italy cuz I know people there...otherwise I don't know if I'd really want to go. I think the rest of my time here is going to go by really fast...

Anyway, this entry is going to be about my flatmates because I think they're very interesting haha. It's probably because I'm interested in race & ethnicity, ethnic identity formation, globalization, cultural studies, etc. Since I live in the international student dorm, there's actually very few British students. There's a mix of people from all over the place doing undergrad, master's programs, and English preparation courses for MAs.

Random dried roses in my friend's kitchen
Eating cake on ripped up pieces of the box it came the student life :)

Flatmate in B1: She's my only British flatmate, and she's an "authentic" English person (most Londoners are very different from the rest of the people in the UK). Her family has a farm in the countryside. She's only 19, but she's traveled all over the world (multiple countries in Africa, South America...basically everywhere but Asia). The rest of my flatmates and I have never actually seen her cook, but she drinks looots of tea and eats biscuits or crackers with some sort of spread or topping. She actually moved out last week to go live a house with no electricity or running water. She comes back to shower randomly haha.

Celebrating my cell (small group) leader's bday at church

Flatmate in B2: She is half Belgium and half Maltese (from the island Malta near Italy), but grew up in Paris. I shall be staying with her during break! :) She is verrry interested in Asian culture and is a Chinese major. She's currently learning Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and thinks Chinese is the easiest and Korean is the hardest! :O People say Korean grammar is difficult to learn...

The only thing I took a picture of at the British Museum during my first & only visit there (even though its literally right next to my campus and free -_-)
Tea! You dunk the top dish w/ the loose tea into the water.

Flatmate in B3: He's half Japanese and half Chinese, and went to high school in Beijing and is attending college in Japan. He loves meat (esp. lamb) and beer. We like to exchange cooking & grocery shopping tips with each other. His girlfriend is from Luxembourg (I definitely didn't know where that was at first) and they speak English and Japanese to each other.

A path that I use along one of the routes to school. Its my favorite way to go but sketchy at night :/

Flatmate in B4: She's Swedish and naturally blond & blue eyed but dyes her hair dark brown (I didn't realize this until a few weeks ago). She's engaged to a refugee...from Tibet...who she met on a India. I'm always in the kitchen at the same time as her and flatemate B3, we all like to cook a lot haha :) Thankfully they're both very chill so its good having random convos with them.

The soccer field next to the path above. I love passing by on sunny days and seeing people running around playing sports :) There's also a day care on the other side, so sometimes there's toddlers playing on the playground :D (I sound creepy)

Flatmate B6*: He's doing an English preparatory course thing and is always hanging out with his Chinese girlfriend and friends. Sometimes we have very short awkward conversations in English, although once I attempted to share my limited Chinese with him (name and age). Apparently he never cooks in the kitchen anymore because his cupboard is basically empty and the only thing he keeps in the fridge is ketchup and gochujang.

*I'm flatmate I skipped myself.

Typical street around the area I live

So...that was a long entry. And I hope my flatmates don't think its creepy that I wrote about them haha. I've met a lot of interesting people in my classes, but I don't really have time to get to know them since I'll be leaving after this term, and classes are already over :( I think I would've approached this experience differently if I was here for all of undergrad instead of just visiting for a semester...

Okay, now I must go work on the two essays that were due last Friday. Until next time...


  1. aw.. I was hoping to see some food related post. oh well. it's good to hear you are mingling with your "flatmates" and no serious arguments or brawls have erupted (or you leave us in the dark with that detail, but I'm sure that's not the case).

    so you like to observe people while they participate in some physical outdoor activity. sounds kind of creepy... especially you standing behind an old fence/ barricade that looks like it's from the second World War.

    assignments due last Friday that have yet to be submitted? I guess the blitz culture really has permeated.

    Thanks again for giving us here in Philly more glimpses of London. Enjoy it while you're still there (LIKE THE MUSEUM)!

  2. i like flatmate B4. she sounds fun. :D

  3. due LAST FRIDAY? WACKIE! i hope you remember how to write an essay, hahahha

    that little white statue has super big hips. is it supposed to represent umm childbearing women? hips don't lie..

    la la la
    it looks like you're living in a mini United Nations. do your flat mates know about your blog? you are loopy and weird enough without writing about them...weirdo.

  4. JACKIE I SAW YOUR PARENTS IN CHINATOWN THIS MORNING! i contemplated saying hello but cincluded that they wouldnt remember me. And if they did, it was only from the times they gave me free sushi haha.

  5. hehe... funny you had to explain Malta and Luxemburg.
    did they have any cool statues or monuments to sailing ships at Trafalgar square???

    that would have been cool to see.